About Diane's Signature Products

Closely linked Memories of the most precious memories of family meals together and holiday gatherings with mom's "dressing" (aka Diane's Signature Dressing for Salads).  Friends and family have always raved about "the Dressing" and we have casually entertained the idea of manufacturing it for the public for years.

We Started our journey, a mother and two daughters, with the intention that one day this would allow us to do for others needing a helping hand what it had done for us in a time of difficulty and tuff decision making.

And so it began, an heirloom recipe; a little of this and a little of that, (which took a while to define), a LOT of faith, a very old picture and a bottle we loved!

Maintaining the integrity of the product and quality of the ingredients was a first priority.  There was no question we needed help and Oklahoma State University FAPC product development program was our first step.  They skillfully provided all of the information we would need for starting this production the right way.  

Rewards from this business have been family working together to help each other.  Repeat customers!  They are so kind to tell us how much they enjoy the salad dressing.  They love to share new ways that they have used it and the gatherings of their friends and family that have enjoyed it at meals together as well.  This is SO REWARDING! A Special thanks goes to the "girls" who so graciously agreed to be our test market. Their "Go Girls" and continuous refills were the driving force to bring this to the market place!

We like to say there is a spoonful of "special' in every bottle, a blessing, we believe. We launched our product in Oklahoma and are now in stores in Texas. Our daughter, Kim, started with the Farmers Markets and our retail team placed us with 11 stores immediately. We spend a lot of time in the kitchen now and still feel like every bottle is as special as the first one... well, almost!
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