Our Legendary Italian Salad Dressing

The recipe has been a family favorite for half of a century. Each ingredient is carefully added one at a time by our family. We have maintained the integrity of our recipe by not added or replacing the original ingredients. We use a special blend of gourmet vinegars, fresh minced garlic and blended herbs and spices, with Canola Oil. The process reveals a distinctive three layered pattern presentation that is uncommon in other gourmet products. The end result is a zesty, tangy Italian flavor.

The uses are endless. Although it is called an Italian dressing. It was originally used on green leafy salad topped with Parmesan cheese to soak in the flavors. We quickly learned that it is excellent as a meat marinade, dipping sauce and great on pasta as well as salads. It is a flavor enhancement that can be used before, during and after cooking! We use it on Everything!

The glass swing top bottle and hand tied raffia bow represents past times and old fashioned standards. The picture of me was used to help personalize the brand. I was reluctant but my family insisted. I have to admit I am glad that they did because I am so proud to have it on there.

We hope that you enjoy this recipe as much as our family has enjoyed creating it for your enjoyment.
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