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We sell only the finest All natural products. Our first product is Diane's Signature Dressing for Salads - Legendary Italian. It is Diane's very own gourmet Italian dressing. It is an all natural blend of vinegars, oil, fresh herbs and spices and minced garlic. No preservatives or sugars are added and it has a shelf life of two years. The taste is deliciously tangy and compliments a variety of foods, breads and salads.

Our products are created by hand,together as a family in a licensed facility. Each ingredient is added one by one to ensure only the finest results. It is beautifully layered in three levels to reveal something truly special.

We use only the original ingredients that our mother has used for half a century.The product is packaged using the same attention to detail and care as the recipe.We bottle the dressing in a glass bottle with a metal swing top lid to represent the old fashioned standards that our company is based on.(We also offer an alternate choice of a twist off lid and shorter bottle for easy shelf storage). The label has Diane's picture on it to add a personal touch. (Under protest). Lastly the raffia bow is tied around the neck, to present you with something that looks as special as it tastes! We also have available on our web site Gift Packages.

Diane's Signature Dressing is used as a salad and pasta dressing, meat marinade and dipping sauce. We love to cook and grill with this amazing Italian blend. The uses are endless!

You can purchase Diane's Signature Dressing and other products such as gourmet gift baskets here at our online store. You will also find our products in gourmet shops, meat markets and grocery stores. You can find us selling our products at local farmers markets and trade and craft shows, such as Canton First Monday Trade Days in Canton, TX (Arbors II building, space 108-109).

Our customers our fantastic! We love to meet and get to know you all. We joke to each other that there must be a blessing in each bottle because they keep coming back for more. This is a huge compliment and we thank you guys! A lot of our customers enjoy our Shipping option so their products can be delivered directly to their home.

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